- Since 1885 -

Welcome to Dillons Russian Steam Bath

Over 120 Years in Business

In Chelsea by the Sea, Massachusetts a landmark that has been in existence since 1885 may be the best kept secret around. Dillons Russian Steam Bath tucked away on Chestnut Street at the corner of Williams Avenue just off the first exit on the Maurice Tobin Bridge from Boston. Dillons history grew out of the ancient traditional Shvitz tracing its roots to Russia and Eastern Europe over a century ago. Dillons is the Oldest Steam Bath in the United States.
Today, under the ownership of Lisa Rizzo, the ancient traditions of the Shvitz continue and new programs are continuously being added allowing Dillons to grow and thrive into the 21st Century.



Owner of Dillon’s Russian Steam Bath, Chelsea, MA. Founded in 1885 & NOW a woman owned business!  If you haven’t been – Go!  And thanks to Lisa’s late husband, Mondays are women’s night. Again, thank you to the Chelsea Heritage Grant for helping to keep this project alive!

When my husband passed in 1999, I took over the business. I was 30 years old. Taking over a men’s business was very difficult. I had a lot of obstacles that I faced. I had no one to guide me because my husband wasn’t here. I think he’d be very proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I kept his passion alive. And, now after 25 yrs. our son loves as much as we do. 

Traditional and Modern Shvitz Services

Voted Best of Boston

Heat, warmth, and water have always had a therapeutic value on the body. As you take the heat from fiery hot granite rocks in Dillon’s steam chamber, you become downright immobilized and all tension stress leaves your body. It’s nearly 180 degrees on the upper benches. Just dip a sponge into a cold bucket of water and ring it over your head.

A turn on the platza-Yiddish for shoulders) bench has been described as one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. A platza is an oil rub, given with a small broom made of leaves from oak trees soaked in hot soapy water and is brushed over your entire body by the masseur. Dillons also has a traditional wet steam room; plenty of showers, a small snack bar, a large screen television, and a large lounge where you can relax on comfortable chairs to complete your visit.


Celebrating More Than 20 Years of Ladies Night
Monday (women only)
2:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Tuesday – Friday (men only)
11:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Saturday (men only)
11:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Sunday (men only)
07:00 AM – 01:00 PM


Admission (2 hrs) – $31.00
Platza – $19.00
Oil Rub (½ hr) – $30.00
Oil Rub (1 hr) – $50.00


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